About Us

Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. started as Lian-Hwa Trading Company, an import/export company specializing in trading raw and processed food commodities. In 1970, the company entered processed food business and thus Lian-Hwa Foods Corporation was officially established. Since then, the company has expanded and ventured into snack foods and RTE (Ready-to-Eat) Foods.

Lian Hwa Foods Corporation Animal Welfare Policy

Lian Hwa Foods Corporation is committed to improving animal welfare therefore does not conduct, sponsor, and/or hire third-party organizations to perform animal testing except when explicitly required by governmental agencies.

Business Divisions

Snack Food Division

Currently there are six brands within the snack food division in Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. and each brand caters to its own unique demographics. With an extensive product portfolio, Lian-Hwa is serving people of all ages with different needs. Lian-Hwa’s strong emphasis on R&D enables it to become an innovative leader in the snack food industry.


RTE (Ready-to-Eat) Foods Division

Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. serves as one of the main contract manufacturers of Ready-To-Eat foods for 7-11 in Taiwan. Orders are placed by multiple 7-11 locations throughout Taiwan one day prior and various items are prepared and shipped twice a day to these locations. Manufacturing RTE (Ready-to-Eat) Foods entails complex production process and rigorous quality control; not many food manufacturers have this capability. Being one of the two major contract manufacturers for 7-11, the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan, is a testament to Lian-Hwa’s ability to provide delicious, high quality yet safe foods for consumers.