Cadina Snacks

Cadina offers a wide variety of potato-based snacks ranging from French fries and chips made from fresh potatoes or crispy pellet snacks. With a wide range of choices and flavors available, Cadina remains popular among Taiwanese consumers to this day.

95C Vacuum Fried French Fries

Original Flavor 40g (Cup)

Seaweed Flavor 40g (Cup)

Sweet Potato 40g (Cup)

Original Flavor 5-Pack (Box)

Seaweed Flavor 5-Pack (Box)

Potato Chips

All Natural Original Flavor 82g

All Natural Seaweed Flavor 82g

Steak Flavor 57g

Spicy Flavor 57g

Pellet Snacks

Radiatori Pellet Snacks 80g

Penne Pellet Snacks 54g

Crunchy Corn Layers

Spicy Flavor